| COTTBUS DIPTYCH II: SLUR | 2014 orchestra 5':20"

| COTTBUS DIPTYCH I: PROFILE | 2014 for orchestra 8':30"

| IDIOCLICK | 2014 solo violin 13'
In Idioclick the performer and his instrument become one. All the music stems from certain gestural patterns of the performer applied to the instrument taken as a sound source defined only by its physical characteristics. I believe noise has never had a bigger part in my work, although it is very soft most of the time. And when pitches appear they start acting almost as just a new type of noise, but they also evoke a distant memory in the instrument's history. Idioclick was commissioned and premiered by Sif Tulinius. Due to the low dynamic level of much of the sounds, the performer should consider using a very carefully balanced amplification. There are halls where this is not necessary. The piece was premiered in a 300 seat hall without amplification, with good results.