Born in Keflavík, Iceland in 1962

* Final exam in classical guitar, Reykjavík School of Music 1983
* Final exam (Bachelor of Music), Reykjavík School of Music 1984 (composition teachers: Þorkell Sigurbjörnsson, Atli Heimir Sveinsson)
* BA degree in philosophy, University of Iceland 1986
* Studies at the Milan Conservatory with Davide Anzaghi 1985-’88
* Private lessons with Gérard Grisey in Paris 1988-’90
* Summer course at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena 1988
* Summer course in computer music at IRCAM 1992

A partial list of commissions
Dubbletter, commissioned by the Swedish Concert Institute
Opna, commissioned by Nuove Sincronie in Milan for Harry Sparnaay and Johan Faber
Le pas, les pentes, commissioned by Nuove Sincronie in Milan for the Ensemble Avanti
Musubi, commissioned by Mirkk Art Forum in Tokyo for the Ýmir Ensemble
Brekkugata, commissioned by the North Icelandic Symphony Orchestra
Envoi, commissioned by IRCAM and Ensemble Intercontemporain
A Flight of Fourteen Vowels, commissioned by The Hafnarfjord Chamber Ensemble
La métrique du cri, commissioned by Ensemble l'Itinéraire
L'atleta, commissioned by the Kroumata Percussion Ensemble
The Elve's Accent, commissioned by the Icelandic Composers Society
Flecte Lapis, commissioned by the Fondazione Armando Gentilucci and Agon in Milan
HZH, commissioned by the Berlin Biennale for the Arditti Quartet
The Juggler's Tent, commissioned by Nomus
Object of Terror, commissioned by Reykjavík 2000 for The Caput Ensemble
Trust me, commissioned by The Swedish Concert Institute for the Obscura Trio
Dì, cocorita, commissioned by the Music Section of the Venice Biennale
Sulphur Pulse, commissioned by the French Cultural Ministry for Les Percussions de Strasbourg
Play and Destroy, commissioned by the CIRM institute in Nice
Snap, commissioned by five European Music Festivals for Alter Ego and Pan Sonic
Suzannah, commissioned by the Cinnober Theatre Group

First prize in the Icelandic Radio composition competition in 1985 for Quintet for woodwind.
Finalist in the Jolivet competition in 1991.
Finalist in the Gaudeamus competition in 1992.
Finalist for the Prix de Rome of the French cultural ministry in 1995.

At the Reykjavík School of Music, the Conservatories in Bologna and Cesena and the Accademia Chigiana in Siena, twice at the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm, the Music departments in Malmö and Göteborg, at the new music department of the Berlin Art Academy. Shorter introductory lectures at music festivals such as Portes Ouvertes at IRCAM in 1998, Regola Gioco in Milan 1998, Musicmarathon in Prague 1999.

Works on CD
- Due Bagattelle, ITM Reykjavík
- Due Bagattelle, Sincronie, Milan
- Et toi, pâle Soleil, ENMD Montreuil
- Musubi, ITM Reykjavík
- Berging, ITM Reykjavík
- A verso, Sincronie, Milano
- Vink II, ITM Reykjavík

on the profile cd ENTER (BIS 1298):
- The Elves’ Accent
- Object of Terror
- HZH: String Quartet nr.1
- La métrique du cri
- Flecte Lapis II

* Ljóstur, a book of verse, Reykjavík 1985
* Music critique on DV in Reykjavík, occasionally between 1987 and 1990.
* Að syngja á íslensku, (an essay on Icelandic metrics) in Skírnir literary review 1994 (168th year)
* Musica astratta e l’immagine, Cabiria, review on cinema, 1996
* Texture et analyse chez Gérard Grisey, Revue d’analyse musicale 38, 2001

besides occasional articles on music and original and translated poetry in Icelandic reviews and newspapers and liner notes.

Some performances
____ Et toi, pale Soleil Ensemble de l’ENMD Montreuil
____ Opna, Harry Sparnaay and Johan Faber, Varese
____ Le pas, les pentes, Ensemble Avanti, Milan and Helsinki

____ O versa, Icelandic Chamber Orchestra, Reykjavík
____ Dubbletter The Kaldalons Trio, Reykjavík and Stockholm

____ Brekkugata The North Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, Akureyri and Reykjavík

____ A Flight of Fourteen Vowels, Hafnarfjordur Chamber Ensemble, Reykjavík, London and Bucarest

____ Envoi Ensemble Intercontemporain, Paris

____ La métrique du cri Ensemble l’Itinéraire, Paris

____ L’atleta, Kroumata, Helsinki Biennale
____ La métrique du cri, The Caput Ensemble, Reykjavík and Lisbon
____ La métrique du cri, The Oslo Sinfonietta, Bergen and Oslo
____ Due Bagattelle 2, Reggio Emilia

____ Musubi, †mir Ensemble, New York
____ Donec Vesper The Sisu percussion trio Arstad, Norway
____ Due Bagattelle II, Zephir Ensemble, Amsterdam
____ Flecte Lapis, Mårten Landström, Stockholm
____ La métrique du cri, Caput Ensemble, Warsaw
____ O versa, Ensemble Nuove Sincronie, Milan
____ Flecte Lapis II, Gudni Franzson, Snorri Sigfús Birgisson, Reykjavík

____ HZH: Streichquartett 1, The Arditti Quartet, Berlin
____ Flecte Lapis II, Rocco Carbonara, Aldo Orvieto, Milan

____ The Elve’s Accent, Icarus Ensemble, Milan
____ La métrique du cri, KammarensembleN, Stockholm and Norrköping
____ Object of Terror, Caput Ensemble, Reykjavík, Bologna and Prague
____ The Elve’s Accent, Caput Ensemble, New York, Toronto, Calgary
____ The Elve’s Accent, Ensemble MusicAttuale, Bergen, Reykjavík and Bologna
____ A verso, James Clapperton, Bergen, Paris
____ A verso, Edda Erlendsdóttir, Trento

____ La métrique du cri, Stavanger Chamber Ensemble, Stavanger, Norway
____ Flecte Lapis, Mei Fang Lin, Berkeley
____ Donec Vesper, The Benda Trio, Reykjavík
____ Object of Terror, Caput Ensemble, Holland Festival
____ HZH , The Arditti Quartet, Oslo
____ Flecte Lapis, Massimiliano Viel, Milan

____ The Elve's Accent, Mexico city and Monterrey, Icarus Ensemble
____ Trust me, The Obscura Trio, Stockholm
____ Object of Terror, Bologna, FontanaMIX
____ dì, cocorita, Venice, Ex Novo Ensemble

____ Orchestra B, February 6, Reykjavík
____ Sulphur Pulse, October 8, Strasbourg
____ The Juggler’s Tent, September 28, Ljubljana

____Object of Terror, October 26, Milan
____Trust Me, March 20, Salzburg
____Is Anybody There?, Musicavitae, Växjö, Gothemburg, Helsingborg

____Orchestra B, Munich Radio Orchestra, Munich
____Play and Destroy, Ensemble Sillages, Nice
____Suzannah, Atalante Theatre, Gothemburg
____Radioflakes, Vitasaari, Finland

___Composition, Oslo, Reykjavík, Huddersfield and Tromsö

____Stage music for the Bacchae, Icelandic National Theatre

____Object of Terror, Cologne
____The Blessings of Madness, Berlin, Hamburg, Reykjavík