October 2008

Here we are at last: The website is now "live" and can be updated constantly.  The present look is totally based on the former site, but in the conversion process some graphic problems arise here and there.  Next weeks will be dedicated to correcting and completing the site.

heimasumyndFirst a photo by Horst Schmeck from my visit to the Musikhochschule in Cologne in November 2007.  There was a lecture and a performance of La métrique du cri by the school's new music ensemble (actually two performances on the same concert).

As to performances:

Trio Lurra (Melkorka Ólafsdóttir, flute, Ainhoa Miranda, bass clarinet and Helena Basilova, piano) used two of my Atloids on their programme at the Dark Music Days in Reykjavik in February.
Adapter gave yet another performance of The Blessings of Madness at the same festival.
In April Poing performed Composition at the Tampere Biennale.  
In May, Áshildur Haraldsdóttir, flute, gave the premiere of Donec Vesper II, with the Benda percussion trio.  The occasion was a meeting to honour the memory of Sigfús Daðason, poet, who would have turned eighty in May. 
Trio Gáman from Denmark permiered Forgotten Step in the Faroe Islands on August 27th and gave a couple of other performances of the piece.  They have scheduled the piece a few other times next year.
David Smeyers  conducted the Landes Jugend Ensemble in Object of Terror in Montepulciano and they will be playing it again a few times in the Cologne area this autumn.  He also took part in a performance of Vink II with the Ensemble 20/21  at the WDR in Cologne in June.
Susanne Kessel recorded ...ma la melodia on a cd with all Icelandic piano music entitled Iceland, issued in March.  She has given a number of performances of this piece but I am not so updated as to wheres and whens, except a date in Schlangenbad, Germany, on October 26.10.2008.
Eric Lamb has programmed Berging (Consummation) for solo flute on Nov. 26 in New York.

 The Remix project has proceded: by now we have six remixes ready for publishing.  They were made by Massimiliano Viel and his friends in Otolab, plus two pieces by Daniela Cattivelli with the wonderful voice of Margaret Kammerer.  I guarantee this is a curious little collection of pieces and hope to make them public soon.

 To complete the above set of remixes on cd we might be adding The Juggler's Tent, which has been recorded by Emil Friðfinnsson, horn, and Elísabet Waage, harp.

 Among upcoming projects there is a double-concertino for the Smeyers-Zelinski clarinet duo and ensemble, to be premiered at the WDR at the end of February with the Caput Ensemble.  The concert will include some more of my music.

 A number of other projects are under way – a piece for choir, one for orchestra etc. – but now when I can update at any time it is better to give news when events may be considered confirmed.