On March 7th and 9th in Cottbus Cottbus Diptych I: Profile was premiered, conducted by Markus Frank. The orchestra did a very good job in what was a very delicate and strange form. The second part, Cottbus Diptych II: Slur, will be performed in Cottbus on April 11th and 13th, Ivan Repusic conducting.

In between the aforesaid performances I had the pleasure of attending the premiere of Pregnant, for sax quartet, string trio and percussion, at the remarkable Ludwig Museum in Cologne on April 3rd. It was a joint commission from the Musikhochschule in Cologne and Deutschlandfunk for the latter’s Forum neuer Musik. It was performed by the Musikhochschule’s Ensemble 20/21, conducted by David Smeyers, an outstanding and ambitious combination.   This piece will be played again at the Kasseler Musiktage in October.

As if that weren’t enough, I must also announce the birth of a violin solo commissioned by Icelandic violinist Sif Tulinius. It will be premiered in Iceland in the autumn.

In the meanwhile, some of my choir arrangements continue to be performed such as Vid gaefunnar dyr, included in a tour programme by Kammerkór Norðurlands (Northland Chamber Choir) at the end of March.

I am hoping to compose a bit less in the following weeks and catch up on correction and improvement projects which grow alongside the creative work but tend to be neglected.

Soon enough I will however be busy again on a new music-theatre project with Cinnober Theater in Gothemburg, the third one. I will give news of that in due time.