2015 / 2

My new stage work, Njáls Saga, was premiered at the Cinnober Theatre in Gothenburg on September 27.  It is a continuous voicescape which makes use of Ludvig Uhlbors' transcription from the homonymous mideval Icelandic saga.   In the version now on stage the duration is just over an hour.

During the later working stages some changes were made to the production team so my previous news-post on this matter is not exact.  The final layout of the production team is as follows: Text, scenography and costumes: Ludvig Uhlbors; Lights: Svante Aulis Löwenborg; Music, libretto and stage direction: Atli Ingólfsson; Sound and music performance: Anton Svanberg.  On stage there were: Árni Bergur Zoega, bass, Fabian Silén, baritone, Martin Alexanderson, baritone and Örnólfur Eldon Thorsson, tenor.

I guess the big news here is that, besides the music and the libretto, I was responsible for the direction.  A first time for me, but an experience I would be ready to repeat.  The piece will be staged ten times until October 18.  Some guest performances in other cities are being planned but no confirmation can be given yet.

I am very grateful for the great work all those involved have done and special thanks go out to the organiser and producer Svante Aulis Löwenborg who, together with Anna Forsell, co-director of Cinnober Theatre, made all this happen.

 (photo: Rakel Erna Skarphedinsdottir)

IMG 8921