The preparation of a complex publication containing the multi-track recording my choir work Elsku Borga mínthe related video work by Jeannette Castioni and a series of articles around the subject, is well underway. It will be curated by art historian Margrét Elísabet Ólafsdóttir. It has received the support from the Iceland University of the Arts and a number of other institutes, as well as the generous support of private donators during the crowd funding effort at Karolinafund. A video about the project (in Icelandic) may be viewed here.

I am just about to start the complex mixing process - there are just a few recording sessions left. We were hoping to publish by mid October, but there are many factors which might delay this. We will just proceed patiently until we have a ready product and something the donators deserve.

The violin concertino announced in the last post is about to be premiered, on July 7. The solist will be Marco Fusi accompanied by the Caput Ensemble. I have to take back the words on a "new direction" from my last post. I have been working on such a thing, but decided it needed more time. This time it will "only" be an ordinary piece, based on the violin solo Etching extended and arranged. The title of the new piece is in Italian: Messaggio dal vetraio, scored for flute, clarinet, percussion, viola, cello and contrabass, along with the solist. It's just about 12 minutes and I look very much forward to hearing it.

On July 20, at the Darmstadt summer courses, the percussion class of Christian Dierstein will perform Sulphur Pulse. I was very happy to receive that news since I haven't heard that piece for a long time and never had a recording of it.