1993 | BREKKUGATA | chamber orchestra: pno / 2 perc / str. 11’
percussion I: tubular bells (only e flat’’, f’’), 2 suspended cymbals (small, medium), tam-tam (medium), xylophone, 3 temple blocks, set of membranes:, snare drum (without snares), 3 tom-toms, timpano, bass drum
percussion II:, 3 cymbals (small, medium, large), tubular bells, triangle (medium), glockenspiel, vibraphon, marimba,
Brekkugata sometimes resembles a concerto grosso where the woodwind form a “concertino” group which is contrapposed to the percussion and strings. The material is however not exposed in delimited sections, it rather forms one continuous line of development throughout the piece. The work was commissioned by The Akureyri Chamber Orchestra and is dedicated to Gudmundur Óli Gunnarsson its conductor. The title is simply the name of a street in the town of Akureyri (Northern Iceland).
For performers: Written for a high-level school orchestra.

1988-90 | 21 POPULAR MELODIES | chamber orchestra (+male choir)
Some Icelandic composers got a commission from the Radio to do arrangements of songs from two books of popular melodies (Icelandic and of foreign origin). There were no precise restrictions on the setting to be used, so I did arrangements for various combinations, almost as exercises in orchestration. Some are for male choir, with or without solos, and chamber orchestra, some are purely instrumental and some are for full orchestra.