| RACE | 1992 fl , ob , cl , bn , hrn , tpt , tbn , 2vn , vla , vc, cb. 4’
Race is a short piece written on commission from the Festival Musica ‘900 in Trento where it was premiered in December 1992.
| QUINTET FOR WOODWIND | 1985 fl , ob , cl in Bb (cl in A) , hrn , bn 10’
Quintet (subtitled “Der Wahrheit Gewidmet”) was composed for the Icelandic Radio’s composition competition, where it received the first prize. It consists in a series of “images” which do not evolve radically, the variation in time of each image being based mostly on degree of pitch saturation and movement in register. There is not a strong harmonic scheme in the piece. Each of the five movements is however focused on one note of the e minor chord, and this chord lurks behind the music like a ghost.
main performances
Reykjavík, September 1985
Reykjavík, February 4 1998 (Reykjavík Wind Quintet)
| POST SCRIPTUM | 1998 piccolo and piano.3’
A post scriptum is something you add after the letter is finished, just some short free flowing additions to what you have already said. The piece was written for Thurídur Jónsdóttir and was meant to be a PS to a concert she gave in Iceland in November 1998.