| BRAIN TRILL | 2006 Alto sax 10’ approx
I wrote Brain Trill for Rolf-Erik Nyström much inspired by his technical and expressive versatility. I guess the piece explores the opposition of firm and floating mental states, but it also is conceived as an extension of the solists physical presence, starting in a hum and ending in a cough. 
main performances 
as part of Composition 
Oslo, Reykjavík, Huddersfield, Trondheim October 2006 
| BLAST/VINK | 1998 7’30’’
For a particular occasion in 1998 I put together the two pieces and wrote a transition with the quintet of Vink coming in at the end of Blast, continuing with a rhythmical ostinato which leads to the beginning of Vink II.
| BLAST II | 1998 two trumpets or trumpet and delay device 3’30’’
This piece is a second version of the solo piece Blast for trumpet. The second trumpet is conceived as an echo of the first one. It may be placed at a certain distance from the first one, or it might play the whole piece through with a practice mute. An alternative solution might be playing the piece on one trumpet and using a very precisely adjusted delay device.